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If He Is . . . Thunder [Nishinoya Yuu x Reader]
If he is thunder, can my tears be the rain whose sound he hides?
I sat in the rain, drenched. It was a long and tiring day; I had been lectured by my parents to pay more attention to my studies and recently, I had been doubting my self-worth. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I saw someone walk towards me, his head tilted in trying to make out who I was.
I heard the thunder getting closer, but I dared not run.

“Nishinoya,” I called out to him, choosing not to hide from him. On seeing me, his eyes darkened and he clenched his fists furiously. His scrunched up eyebrows and deep set frown were a huge give-away to his anger.
“(Y/n), what are you...?! Why are you...?!” he was at a loss for words. He walked briskly towards the bench I was sitting on and immediately demanded from me, “Tell me!”
:iconarabesque4:arabesque4 137 10
kissable. // {shouyou hinata - drabble}
{ shouyou hinata x fem!reader }
warning(s): none.
            He looked so cute sitting there in the grass, the wind tugging lightly at his carrot-orange hair.  And his lips just looked so absolutely kissable.
            Hinata glanced back at you, a faint blush settling into his fairy-like features.  Had you been staring too long?
            “(Name)-chan, what is it?”
            “Your lips,” you answered, crawling over to him on your hands and knees.
            Your nose brushed ever-so-slightly against the tip of his, and the blush settled into different parts of his face.  “W-what about them,” he managed to stutter, the hair r
:iconbat-clawz:Bat-Clawz 72 21
In the Back Seat (Hinata x Reader)
"I'm gonna die. I'm gonna hurl and then I'm gonna die." Hinata moaned. He was bent over the table, his fingers clasped around his fork. [name] eyed the last bite of cheesecake that perched on the pronged utensil before snatching it out of his grasp.
"Hey!" Hinata protested, lifting his head indignantly. [name] shrugged as they chewed, the distinct taste of cheesecake enveloping their mouth.
They were at an all-you-can-eat buffet at 1:00 am. Not exactly the most romantic idea of a date, but hey, they were broke college students who cared more about full bellies than fine dining. But holy shit, the food was amazing for just a mere buffet. They both spent the past hour cramming as much stuff into their mouths, tempura, pizza, udon, ramen, whatever. They paid their entrance fee and they were gonna make the most out of it dammit!
Which explains why both of them were now sitting in their booth trying to endure the pain in their stomachs.
"That was an indirect kiss, you know." Hinata m
:iconfaerimagic:faerimagic 57 11
Hinata x Reader: |Surprise|
    "Are you really sure it's alright for you to be helping me Tobio? I wouldn't want your wife to misunderstand anything." You mused, poking the ice in your juice as you addressed the intimidating male in front of you. Kageyama gives a small shake of his head and promptly takes a sip of his coffee,looking calmer right after the velvety bitter liquid runs down his throat. His wife was very understanding anyways and besides if he was ever caught philandering with another woman she would surely beat him to a bloody pulp and would toss the 20-karat ring (he worked so hard for) down the drain and into nothingness. Kageyama shuddered at the thought.
    "Of course not, I told her it was for Hinata's birthday after all. Besides, her cousin is staying over for the night so it's not like she's going to be lonely." There was something lethal seeping through his tone and you being the usual tease decided to mention it to the male.
    "Oh? Is it just
:iconeternalalice24:EternalAlice24 74 10
Kageyama x Reader: Solace
    It had been a few years since you had started going out with Kageyama and so far things were going smoothly for your relationship. After you've graduated high school and got into college, you asked for your parents to let you live with your lover, claiming that it would spare you the morning rush and the like since his apartment was only a few blocks away from the university you both attended. At first you thought you'd get yelled at for even considering such a thing but luckily, they both agreed under the condition that nothing would be done outside of marriage. Kageyama of course agreed with no hesitation. The image of his burning red face was still vivid in your memory. One thing followed the other and now here you were enjoying the soft and fluffy bed in your separate room in Kageyama's apartment complex.
    It always left a refreshing feeling whenever you looked back on past memories, you were currently scrolling through your phone in search of y
:iconeternalalice24:EternalAlice24 157 10
too qt :iconglamist:Glamist 302 13
Akaashi Keiji x Reader - Sleep.
Akaashi Keiji x Reader - Sleep
His head rested on your lap as he slept, a hand intwined in his on your thigh. The other played with his hair, a small yet warm smile on your face as you read a magazine of some sort on your shared bed.
Akaashi must of been pretty drained from practice to just sprawl out on the sheets and your legs. But you didn’t complain, he looked rather adorable asleep. You dropped your gaze to meet his sight.
He frowned as he groaned in his sleep then stirred a bit as he curled up against you. Then you got an idea.
You set the magazine aside and began poking his cheek lightly. Then you stretched it. And squished it so he looked like a fish, so his frowned returned as he buried his face “further” on your thighs. And thats when he yawned.
You chuckled at him, running your hand from the base of his neck to the little strands of hair that stood straight from your touch.
“That’s not very kind of you…” You heard a muffled voice spe
:iconwafflez-xx:Wafflez-xX 193 8
Last [Kageyama Tobio x Reader]
Warning: Profanity, angst((???))


Although you couldn’t exactly pinpoint the cardinal reason, you were pretty fucking sure you were head-over-heels with the raven haired setter. In the event that you did try, though, a myriad of possibilities never fail to present themselves. One was the way a trace of tenderness would slip through his otherwise gruff voice whenever you were down, as though he could tell that you weren’t alright in spite of how much fake smiles you wore. On a related note, you think that the reason might also be his smile. It was such a rare occurrence that you could tell each time his lips would curve up, it was genuine. The one you suspect the most, however, was the way he loved. There was something about being the receiving end of the black-haired grouch’s affection – the allure, the bliss.
If only he could love something other than a volleyball, that’d be great!
Nonetheless, you still a
:iconamereaberration:AMereAberration 176 19
Don't Take My Sunshine Away [HinataShouyouxReader]
Author's Note:
I don't own the art, nor will I ever own anything like it because I suck at drawing. : ((
Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away
It hurt.
The whole scene in front of you blurred like the lens suddenly lost focus. Not long after, you could feel your head hit the ground, but that pain was nothing if not numb. If only that was same for the pain within. But it wasn't. If anything, the memories, the loneliness, the everything just seemed to come at you all at once, stabbing you with what feels like a medley of blades.
You never thought it'd be like this at the very end. You hoped that, somehow, the pain would go away. A bitter thought came to mind.  Wasn't the end supposed to, in anyway, lessen the pain? Was this pain - the reason you were leaving everything for - the last sensation you'd ever feel? Then to what end did you practically choke on all those pills?
However, you knew it was too late. You couldn't feel your body, you could barely
:iconamereaberration:AMereAberration 78 21
Firsts. [Kageyama Tobio x Reader]
Author's Note:
I own nothing but the plot and teeeeeeeext~
My brain might or might not have died in the process of making this fic.
The first meeting.
Against your ears rang the godsend that is the bell, signifying the end of today's (not so) fair share of academic torture. It wasn't as if you we aiming to be the next goddess of woe and melancholy or some-shit. It was just that everything just felt so volatile - so temporary. Everyday seemed like a nexus of repetitions of bits and pieces from the previous ones. You didn't see the point in subjecting yourself to that bulshittery. But like any other person who doesn't actually want to fuck up their life, you had to.
All you could hope for now is for something to happen when you graduate. You mean, something's bound to change when you get into college, right? Without your realizing, your little plea had become a desperate necessity.
You needed change.
And it did come,
:iconamereaberration:AMereAberration 259 36
Inscrutable [Akaashi Keiji x Reader]
Author's Note:

Never in your life did you think you'd come across a puzzle so impossible to decipher as Akaashi Keiji. He was an enigma whose barrier was his ever-stoic demeanor. Truly, everyone must have, at one point, found themselves being lured in by his mystique allure. You, of course, were no exception.
In fact, you reckoned that you were the only one that had been pulled in so deep. The way his voice came out like lackadaisical mid-summer breeze, the way the lightest dust of pink on his lips stretched whenever they pulled into one of his briefest smirks, the way his orbs that resemble oceans of crimson and question gazed at you askance, the way he did everything - it hauled you into a whole new dimension, revolving around the inscrutable boy that is Akaashi Keiji. That was when you realized, you'd fallen.
So here you were here, standing awkwardly b
:iconamereaberration:AMereAberration 443 76
First Kiss [Hinata Shouyou]
Your boyfriend, Hinata Shouyou, couldn't handle your cuteness anymore. He was reaching his limit and he unconsciously moved his head nearer to your small face. You were smiling and your eyes were closed so you didn't realize what he was doing until you felt his warm, chapped lips against yours.
It lasted only for a few seconds but the both of you couldn't process what just happened. After a few seconds of silence, warmth crept up to both of your cheeks and you could feel yours reddening. You were elated, that's for sure, but you were just too shy. It was your first kiss after all. You glanced up for a second to look at his expression and his face was unbelievably red. His face was probably the same color as his hair. You felt a little delighted to see him like that, knowing that it's not just you who probably just had their first kiss.
A whole night had passed from your first kiss and you were extremely nervous. You thought about what you should be talking about, whether you should
:iconfathiya3101:fathiya3101 78 15
Cold [Sugawara Koushi x reader]
You ran as fast as you could through your house, making as little sound as possible. Reaching the front door, you wrenched it open, not caring to close the door properly. As soon as you made it outside, you began the short track through the snow to the park. Your parents were fighting again. The only conversations they ever had were arguments. And not those small fights that everyone has. Your parents yelled and screamed at each other, forgetting about you completely. Every time this happened - which was rather often - you ran outside, making as little sound as possible in the fear that they would direct their rage at you.
5 minutes later, you realised that you were not properly dressed for Japan's freezing winter weather. You wore only a thin (F/C) hoodie over a simple tee, and a pair of black denim jeans. On your feet were a pair of old sneakers and worn socks. Shoving your hands in your pockets and squaring your shoulders, you pushed through the cold. It was too late to run home and
:iconcatzattack:Catzattack 7 0
Pillow Forts and Energy [Hinata Shouyo x reader]
Your boyfriend was annoying you, to put it simply. The short, orange-haired boy was bouncing around your empty house, causing a ruckus and generally being destructive. Your parents were out of town, so you decided it would be a fantastic idea to have your energetic boyfriend over for the whole weekend. It hadn't been successful so far, as Hinata was even more energetic then usual. You sighed as you heard the loud thump of a person hitting the floor. Getting up, you walked to the source of the noise, ready to heal any injury your boyfriend had obtained from his energetic rampage.
Turning the corner into the lounge, you spotted Hinata curled up on the hard wooden floor beside the couch. You walked over quickly.
"What happened?" You asked, kneeling down beside the energetic boy. He moved his arms slightly, so you could see his brown eyes. He stared at you for a moment, before bounding up suddenly and wrapping you in his arms. The force knocked you back, so you ended up lying on your back,
:iconcatzattack:Catzattack 3 0
A Persistent Admirer (Sugawara x Reader)
(F/n) took a bite of her sandwich, looking up to glance across the café. It was her favorite place to write papers; busy enough to encourage productivity, but not too loud as to ruin her concentration. She scanned the screen, admiring her progress on the report, a seven page history paper due the next day. All she had to do was proofread her draft, maybe correct a few errors, and voila! It would be done. She wiped off her fingers with a napkin, preparing to type once more.
The only problem with the university’s café was how (f/n) always seemed to run into people she knew at the worst times.
“I thought I spotted you across the floor.”
(F/n) paused in her writing, not daring to look up at the man addressing her. She already knew who it was, simply based on his voice.
“Hello, Oikawa.” (F/n) mumbled, doing her best to keep her train of thought as she wrote the final sentences of her draft. She could only hope that he’d get the message an
:iconcornbread-queen:cornbread-queen 84 19
Blanket of Protection (Hinata x Reader)
Although your boyfriend was lying right next to you, you always felt loneliest at night. Negative thoughts lurked in the darkness, waiting in the corners of your room for the opportune moment to strike. It was during these times that you reevaluated your life choices, thinking over the most minute scenarios from the past, and laboring over old, unchangeable mistakes.
Hinata was one of the best things that had ever come your way. He seemed to repel negative thoughts, but not even his blanket of comfort could protect you from your innermost fears while he slept.
Normally the panicking started in the middle of the night. You would wake up, struggling to come to your senses. Your body refused to calm down, pumping oxygen in with wheezing, uneven breaths. You sat up from bed, careful not to wake the orange-haired man who slept peacefully by your side. You didn’t know how he managed to lay like a rock all night long, not even stirring from your hushed cries of fear.
It was better that
:iconcornbread-queen:cornbread-queen 71 6


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